Wasted Fangs


little rays spit from screens in my arcade
the quiet rooms that we like to build in our brains
I’ll lock you out of my house if that’s ok
we’ll grab a drink and talk until the morning
and sit on top of graves and take no warning
‘cause death doesn’t strike twice in the same place
now we stay in at night
now we stay in and let our feelings die
you’re the shadow of a childhood dream I guess
an approximation of the love I found back then
it was only in my mind and now it’s dead
I never saw through the beating haze of regret
all of the moves and the subtle ways I was tested
in my head I wasn’t blocking your advances
if you could see me now
if you could see me walk through my house alone
I remember all of the simple things in my life
when I grew up all the simple feelings died
and now we have to make the most of time
before it slips on the oil slick of our past
we can’t erase it but we can burn it black
how long do all the good things last?
I can’t remember that
I can’t remember

New band, new music.

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that Wasted Fangs is now a real band. We’ve picked up four new members to round out the group and we have been quietly playing a few warmup shows over the past few months. Also we are about to hit the studio with the full band and start recording some new music.

For now, here are two new songs that we recorded over the past couple of weeks to test out our new studio space.


Excited to exist. 



Here is a new one-off acoustic song we just got around to posting. We haven’t posted any music in a while but we have been very busy behind the scenes working on something we are really excited about. Stay tuned and enjoy the song!

- John & Nick

Hey everyone, here is another new song. It’s called Collins and we had a great time recording it before the holidays. Big thanks to our friend Justin Washington for laying down the trumpets on this track.

- J & N

We are going to be recording and releasing some new songs throughout the winter and this is the first of them. Keeping with the spirit of the Wasted Fangs EP we are having fun experimenting with some different methods of writing and recording. Most of these songs are going to be on the minimal side but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on some full-band electric music to release later on. Hope everyone enjoys it!

- John & Nick

We made a Facebook page. This is the link to our Facebook page.

Just remember: if you don’t share our posts then you truly don’t believe in God and are definitely going to hell.

We are Wasted Fangs, a new songwriting project of Nick Garrison and John Hetherington of the Austin, Texas bands Knifight and Moving Castles. When we set out to do this our goal was to write in a looser, more collaborative style than we are able to in our current bands. We would often get together at John’s tiny one-bedroom apartment studio with a bottle of whiskey and write late into the night. The first fruit of those writing sessions is the Wasted Fangs EP, a 6-song record that we are very proud of. We didn’t set out to make an EP of 3.5-minute pop songs. There are small interesting mistakes and we left a lot of space for the songs to breathe. We like to listen to the record while driving, going to sleep or waking up, or sitting on the couch with a relaxing beverage, but you can listen to it however you want. Enjoy!

-Wasted Fangs